Eight of our members served as District Governor for our district:


Dr. Crawford C. McCullough 1919 - 1920
A. C. Adams 1931 - 1932
Arthur W. Widnall 1940 - 1941
Thomas A.S. McKee 1964 - 1965
R. Gordon Judge 1986 - 1987
David Murray 1996 - 1997
Alan Pepper 2001 - 2002
Ajoy Chatterjee 2009 - 2010


In addition, one past president of Rotary International was a member of our club! It was Dr. Crawford C. McCullough, president for the year 1921-1922. He was RI's 11th president, and the second one from Canada.



We would also like to salute the other Canadian District Governors for District 5580.


Ralph M. Bird 1960-1964 Port Arthur ON
Dr. Arthur Malcolm 1976-1977 Geraldton ON
Lorne R. Harris 1981-1982 Port Arthur ON
James T. Angus 1992-1993 Port Arthur ON
Paula Timmins 2005-2006 Nipigon ON
Roland Turner 2010-2011 Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) ON



"There is nothing intangible about Rotary: It is reality itself. To give is to receive; to lose oneself is to find oneself; to be happy is to serve, These are old truths. . .for the individual. . . and the mass, whether application be in the exchange of goods, toil, knowledge, or love." 

- Dr. Crawford C. McCullough, FW Club President (1917-1918), District Governor (1919-1920), RI President (1921-1922)