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Rotarian Award Recipients
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'Rotarian of the Year' Award

This award is presented annually by our club to a member for an exceptional contribution to Rotary that year.

2017-2018   Dave McColl
2016-2017   Joan Krisko
2015-2016   Stephen Margarit
2014-2015   Robert Moore
2013-2014   Boris Cham
2012-2013   Jerry Williams
2011-2012   Jill Zachary
2010-2011   (none)
2009-2010   Irene Sottile
2008-2009   Fiona Skogstad
2007-2008   Al Hope (deceased)
2006-2007   Joan Krisko
2005-2006   Peter Cloke (deceased)
2004-2005   Karl Wahl
2003-2004   Cec Cranton
2002-2003   Bob Hookham
2001-2002   Murray Hamilton (deceased)
2000-2001   Ajoy Chaterjee
1999-2000   Michelle Gibson
1998-1999   Sharon Badanai

Gordon, Ross, and Vance Judge Award

This award is presented by our club to honour a member's lifetime contributions to Rotary.


  Erle Wheatley


  Craig Sandberg


  Robert Moore


  Irene Sottile
2013-2014   Terry Cameron
2012-2013   Joan Krisko
2011-2012   Bob Hookham
2009-2010   Jerry Williams
2008-2009   Andy Morrow
2007-2008   Boris Cham
2006-2007   Ajoy Chatterjee
2005-2006   Peter Stetsko
2004-2005   Sharon Badanai
2003-2004   Karl Wahl
2002-2003   Doug Wells (deceased)
2001-2002   Bert Ventrudo
2000-2001   Dave Murray
1999-2000   Ross Judge (deceased)
1998-1999   Al Hope (deceased)
(?)   Bill Aller
(?)   Hubert Badanai
(?)   Norris Badanai
(?)   Earl Buckley
(?)   John Burton
(?)   Bruce Cameron
(?)   David Cheadle
(?)   Cec Cranton
(?)   Frank Eccles
(?)   Fred Fucile
(?)   Charlie Grant
(?)   Murray Hamilton
(?)   Gordon Judge
(?)   Vance Judge
(?)   Garry Kushner
(?)   Gerald Lang
(?)   Jim Lees
(?)   Tom McKee
(?)   Gordon Moody
(?)   Don Padley
(?)   George Patterson
(?)   Harley Paul
(?)   Alan Pepper
(?)   Ray Reedhead
(?)   Saville Shuttleworth
(?)   Doug Smith
(?)   Art Taber
(?)   Frantz Tollefsen
(?)   Rob Welter
(?)   Art Widnall
(?)   Ross Young

Citizens of Exceptional Achievement Award

This award is presented by the City of Thunder Bay to honour the major contribution of citizens to our city.

2011-2012   Karl Wahl
2009-2010   David Knutson
2008-2009   Jerry Williams (for Shelter House)
2007   Ross Judge (deceased)
2005   Sharon Badanai
2004   Al Hope (deceased)
2003   Alan Pepper (deceased)
2002   Bert Ventrudo

Ontario Volunteer Service Award

This award is presented by the provincial government to individuals in recognition of continuous years of commitment and dedicated service to an organization.

2014-2015   Boris Cham
2014-2015   Robert Moore
2014-2015   Sharon Badanai
2014-2015   Peter Stetsko
2014-2015   Andy Morrow
2014-2015   Walter Seaberg
2012-2013   Theodore Osesky
2012-2013   Albert Ventrudo
2012-2013   Ross Judge (deceased)
2012-2013   David Murray
2012-2013   K. S. Joseph
2012-2013   Karl Wahl


Spirit of Thunder Bay Award

Recognizes an individual who has volunteered time toward improving and enriching the community of Thunder Bay. This is an individual who has shown extraordinary leadership, innovation and meaningful voluntary contributions and has a minimum of 15 years of cumulative, documented volunteer service in Thunder Bay. The individual may have received recognition for their volunteer efforts at a Provincial, National or Intermediate level. 

2016   Gordie Garriock



Jerry Williams (center), recipent of the Gordon and Vance Judge Award for 2009-2010.