Santa Claus Parade - Instructions for Participants

Date of the Parade:  Saturday, November 16th, 2019
Please forward the following on to everyone in your group.


2.    Please no other Santa or Mrs. Claus entries in the parade. The Santa Claus Float and Santa himself will be provided.

3.    The Parade starts at 10:00 am sharp, departing from the Superstore on Harbour Expressway, travelling north along Memorial Avenue, concluding at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.

4.    To ensure the parade begins on time, all floats must be in position at the Superstore by 9:00 a.m.

5.    If your entry has more than one vehicle, they must all arrive together for assembly purposes.

6.    Drop-off of people riding on the floats will be in the parking lot on the east side of Superstore.  Vehicles dropping off parade participants and equipment are to travel Carrick St., turn down the roadway behind Superstore, and unload equipment or let passengers off in the parking lot on the east side of Superstore along Gorham St.

7.    Floats will NOT be allowed to enter the Superstore from Gorham St or Memorial Ave.

8.    No parking allowed in the roadway behind Superstore, or in the Superstore front lot.

9.    If you have animals, ie. Horses or dogs participating in the parade, please remember the pooper scooper.  

10.    Absolutely no vehicles except those in the parade will be allowed in the main area designated for floats.

11.    Where possible, please shut-off vehicle engines prior to parade start. Reducing exhaust fumes at this site would assist our environment and the health of the people waiting at the Superstore parking lot.

12.    Once the parade begins, floats are asked to travel along Memorial Avenue SLOWLY.  Remember: people are walking.  During the parade, please maintain approximately 10 metres (30 feet) between you and the float ahead of you, no closer - no further. This must be adhered to in order to keep the parade moving along safely. If you have mechanical problems with your vehicle during the parade, please pull over and wave others to pass. Should the problem be resolved, we will attempt to re-enter your float at a proper interval.

13.    Make sure that your participants DO NOT throw candy into the crowd.  Have walkers give candy directly to the children.

14.    Once your float makes the right-hand turn into the Auditorium site – DO NOT STOP.  There are floats behind you. Floats must follow the direction of the parking lot attendants to stop where there is room for participants to disembark from the float.  Floats can then leave the parking lot by far west entrance onto Beverly and proceed to Balmoral St.   

15.    At the Auditorium site - Coffee, hot chocolate, and popcorn will be available. The Community Auditorium Lobby will open for children to warm up and greet Santa. Santa is the last float and will arrive sometime around 11:30 am.

16.    When your float leaves the Auditorium grounds, you are now a regular vehicle on the roadways. Ensure that no one is riding on the float.

17.    Consult the maps for the Superstore and Auditorium grounds.  Please make sure your drivers are given a copy of the maps and these instructions.